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The beaches are beautiful with whiter than white sand and the sea water is clear and inviting. City life blooms in the summer, but fun events take place in all seasons. Visit the inspiring museums and dwell at the world famous paintings by artists such as Michael and Anna Ancher and P.S. Krøyer. The nature in and around the city is truly unique, and "The meeting of the seas" where Denmark ends - is a must when you are here.

Monday 19th of June

Trip to the beach sunset Square, Skagen. Departure Color Hotel 22.00 PM. People flock to sunset place when the sun is low in the sky at Skagen. At brought blankets they enjoy the last rays before the sun finally disappeared completely in the sea. When the sun is gone clap and whistle the attendance before they either disappear from the site again and go home.

Tuesday 20th of June

Guided walking tour with a nature guide Villy Hansen to the Buried Church in Skagen. Departure from the Color Hotel 17.30 PM. The distance is about 1 km from the Hotel.

Wednesday 21st of June

Departure Color Hotel, Skagen. English guided tour at Skagen Museum. Departure from the Color Hotel 13.30 PM.

Skagens Museum and City
The collection of Skagens Museum include over 1800 paintings, sketches, graphic works, sculptures and ceramics, mainly from the period 1870-1930. From the end of the 1870s and up to the turn of the century Skagen was an international meeting place for young artists. During the 1880s Skagen was transformed into an artists’ colony where there was room for both work and leisure. Already in their lifetime the Skagen artists achieved world fame at significant exhibitions held abroad.

The most prominent Skagen artists are the Danish painters Anna and Michael Ancher and P.S. Krøyer. But also artists such as Holger Drachmann, who was both poet and painter, Viggo Johansen, Carl Locher, Laurits Tuxen and the Nordic artists Christian Krohg and Oscar Björck all contributed to putting Skagen on the map.

Beside the museum we will visit different location in the city as well as the Råbjerg Mile - The migrating dune.

Råbjerg Mile - The migrating dune
The largest migrating dune in Denmark, not stopped in its tracks by afforestation, is Råbjerg Mile which is located just south of Skagen.

The dune of Råbjerg Mile, measuring approximately 1000 meters square, is up to 40 meters in height, and it covers an area of about 2 square kilometres. On an annual basis, the dune will wander about 15 meters towards the north east. Thus, this means that, in about one or two centuries, the main road to Skagen will be covered in sand and that trees etc., becoming gradually covered by the dune, will re-emerge on the other side, approximately 40 years later. If you go for a walk here, you will definitely need to empty your shoes for sand afterwards. But it will be worth your while, as the view from the top of the dune is stunning.

In its wake, the dune has left a shallow and moist sandy area stretching towards the west – towards the Skagerak, where Råbjerg Mile was formed more than 300 years ago in the landscape known as Råbjerg Stene. At that time, the entire area around Skagen was troubled by drifting sand, with the sand migrating from the west to settle in dunes, thus ruining all attempts at cultivation. The lost battle against the sand turned people out of their homes, of which the sandburied church – also left to the dunes – is excellent proof. Today, only the church tower is visible above the sand. Lyme grass and conifers have been planted to stem the drifting. Today, however, this is protected area, owned by the Danish state.

Return back to Color Hotel at 16.30 PM.

Galla dinner
Departure Color Hotel 18.00 PM.
Champagne at the Top of Denmark, Skagen.
Galla dinner at Utzon museum with entertainment.